News: Sex and Kinect, aka The Saddest Video Game Ever

Sex and Kinect, aka The Saddest Video Game Ever

Given the Kinect's motion sensor, it was only a matter of time before people got frisky with it.

thriXXX, an Austrian video game company, has announced the forthcoming launch of a sex game using the Kinect.  However, Microsoft so far has said it won't certify the game for sale.

You can see a demo for this game below (NSFW).

The Saddest Video Game Ever (NSFW)

As you can see, this may be the saddest video game ever.

Lonely users will spend around $150US for a Kinect, then perhaps an additional $40 for the chance to feel up a virtual woman with a virtual hand.  Strip clubs seem like bargains in comparison.  The timeless tradition of men paying to not touch women continues!

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