News: Amazing 3D video capture using Kinect

Amazing 3D video capture using Kinect

Screw gaming, let's get to the serious stuff!

Here's an amazing video of a Kinect hack that lets one see what its camera sees - in 3D.

Instead of 2D images of motion capture, we get the full spatial view.  Think of the "bullet time" effect in The Matrix (freeze, rotate, continue) or the flying skycam in football telecasts today.

, Cool, yet scary, no?

The surveillance/military applications are obvious.  Can the Kinect become a full-blown security camera?  People already use computer webcams as security cameras (the recent remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 comes to mind), so I bet Kinects won't be far behind.

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This is dope !! How can I do this on mine?

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