News: Your first experience with Kinect

Your first experience with Kinect

What was your first experience with Kinect?

Mine was through my friend Robert.  (He's in the blue shirt above.)  I was over at his place, and he and his girlfriend had just gotten a Kinect.  After much futzing with the Kinect because it kept falling off their flatscreen TV, they finally got it to stay.

They fired up Kinect Adventures and played River Rush and Rallyball.  Then they busted out Dance Central.  I could have done without Lady Gaga's music, but I did appreciate the game as the next step beyond Dance Dance Revolution.  And I recognized the Kinect as a significant advance in consumer technology.

I'd love to hear about the first time you saw/played the Kinect.

Was it good/bad/what you thought it would be?

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When first i got my xbox 360 with kinect, i was amazed. The graphic and free of controller the Kinect really incredible. LOve it (*-*)

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